Families on the Move Conference



Time: 09:00
Location: Brussels, Belgium

COFACE Families-Europe and two of its Belgian members, Gezinsbond and La Ligue des Familles, are jointly organising the conference ‘Families on the Move‘ – taking place at the Higher Institute for Family Studies in Brussels at 9.00 on Friday 12th May 2017.

As a European organisation representing the interests of families, and striving to build inclusive European societies, we decided to focus on four challenges requiring immediate policy, legislation and support services action to empower families:

-The economic challenges of families moving internally in the EU for work reasons, and the need for services and benefits to support them in these moves. We will focus especially on households with special support needs, who tend to face even more legal, practical and institutional barriers.

-The challenges posed by the increasing digitalisation of our lives, and the need to empower families to “take back the internet” – namely to shape and influence the digital environment so families can move freely online in respect of their data privacy and safety.

-The migration challenges faced by the EU continent, trying to shape the current debates by highlighting the difficulties of families moving to the EU from outside Europe in search of a safe haven.

-The social challenges linked to changing family patterns towards more dual earner households with dual care needs (for children and older parents), and the urgent need to put in place work-life balance policies and legislation enabling families to reconcile these two fundamental aspects of their lives.

You can view the full programme and register here: http://www.coface-eu.org/consumers/families-on-the-move/