Bainvegni Fugitivs Marsch



Time: 14 October - 10 December
Location: Switzerland

The Swiss Civil March for Asylum Rights is marching across Switzerland to raise awareness on the issues affecting refugees and migrants in the country, and to show solidarity with people entering Switzerland to seek asylum and safety.

Inspired by Switzerland’s tradition of humanitarian action and its historical commitment to promoting peace, human rights, international humanitarian law and the rule of law across the world, they will walk over 1,000km in just over two months – completing a circuit around the entire country.

Those marching do so because they are concerned that Switzerland’s humanitarian traditions are being jeopardised by decisions made at all levels of government – federal, cantonal and local.

These decisions have made it harder for people seeking asylum in Switzerland to find accommodation, reduced the support they need to live on, introduced quotas on accepted asylum seekers, refused humanitarian visas for severely ill people and blocked families from reuniting in the country.

To protest these events, the march is taking the voices of refugees and displaced people from the smallest villages to the biggest cities. They are walking with refugees and other people on the move to show them that the possibility of an open, caring Switzerland still exists. A Switzerland which allows refugees to work, to reunite with their families, offer citizenship and respect human dignity.

The march starts on Saturday 14 October 2017 in Bellinzona and finishes there on Sunday 10 December – International Human Rights Day. You can donate to the event here, and the full itinerary is:

14.10.17 Bellinzona

15.10.17 Lostallo

16.10.17 San Bernardino

17.10.17 Splügen

18.10.17 Andeer

19.10.17 Thusis

20.10.17 Chur

21.10.17 Chur

22.10.17 Bad Ragaz

23.10.17 Buchs

24.10.17 Altstätten

25.10.17 St. Gallen

26.10.17 Kreuzligen

27.10.17 Frauenfeld

28.10.17 Winterthur

29.10.17 Zürich

30.10.17 Zürich

31.10.17 Zürich

01.11.17 Baden

02.11.17 Frick

03.11.17 Rheinfelden

04.11.17 Basel

05.11.17 Aesch

06.11.17 Délemont

07.11.17 Moutier

08.11.17 Solothurn

09.11.17 Schönbühl

10.11.17 Bern

11.11.17 Bern

12.11.17 Bern

13.11.17 Murten-Morat

14.11.17 Neuchatel

15.11.17 St. Aubin-Sauge

16.11.17 Yverdon-Les-Bains

17.11.17 Lausanne

18.11.17 Lausanne

19.11.17 Rolle

20.11.17 Nyon

21.11.17 Genève

22.11.17 Genève

23.11.17 Genève

24.11.17 Nyon

25.11.17 Rolle

26.11.17 Lausanne

27.11.17 Montreux

28.11.17 Monthey

29.11.17 Martigny

30.11.17 Sion

01.12.17 Sierre

02.12.17 Sierre

03.12.17 Visp

04.12.17 Brig

05.12.17 Ulrichen

06.12.17 Nufenenpass – Ronco Bedretto

07.12.17 Airolo

08.12.17 Faido

09.12.17 Biasca

10.12.17 Bellinzona