Global Forum on Migration and Development Civil Society Days



Time: 29 June - 1 July
Location: Berlin, Germany

  • Date: Thursday 29 June – Saturday 1 July
  • Time: 07:30
  • Location: Hotel Palace, Berlin, Germany

The Civil Society Days of the 2017 Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) will be held at the Hotel Palace Berlin in Germany. Demonstrating respect for religious feast days in the first part of that week, the Civil Society Days will, for the first time, both overlap and follow the Government Days of the GFMD.

As illustrated below, the Government Days will be Wednesday and Thursday, 28 and 29 June, leading into Common Space Friday 30 June. The Civil Society Days (CSD) will be split, with Day 1 on Thursday 29 June (the day before Common Space), and Day 2 Saturday 1 July (the day after Common Space).

Under the title ‘Safe, Orderly, Regular Migration Now: Mechanics of a Compact Worth Agreeing to’, this year’s GFMD Civil Society Days will look at how to build directly upon the rights and commitments so strongly reaffirmed in the 2030 Agenda and New York Declaration, not by simply restating them but by working out how they can be applied in real contexts – in short, moving from the “poetry” to the mechanics of actually implementing those commitments.

Download the concept note for the GFMD 2017 Civil Society Days here.
Check out the latest version of the Civil Society Programme  (updated on 25)

The event will be live streamed in English, French and Spanish via the links below: