Hack4Good: Youth, social media and migration



Time: 13-15 April
Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Destination Unknown campaign member Terre des Hommes is organising a hackathon devoted to finding innovative solutions to better protect children and youth on the move through the use of social media.

Children, both accompanied and unaccompanied, form a large percentage of the refugees and asylum seekers along the many migration routes across the world. They are often the most vulnerable and deprived both from a protection viewpoint as well as in terms of access to services, during these journeys. Many of them travel incognito without knowledge of their families and often trust no one.

They are often invisible and therefore hard to reach through traditional channels, or migrate through places where no or few protection services are available, or they mistrust and avoid protection services by fear of being “noticed” and sent back.

However, children and youth are also the most connected in terms of social media. They already use social media to communicate with each other, stay in contact with their families, inform themselves on risks and opportunities along the way, etc.

This event will challenge teams and individuals attending to think of innovative and effective ways that social media can be used to assist children and young people on the move. So prepare for 40 hours full of fun, coding, building, designing, sharing stories, selling and thinking BIG!

You can register for your spot on the Hack 4 Good hackathon here.

Date: 13-15 April

Time: 9am

Address: Citiz’n coworking space, Quai de Seujet 28, Genva, Switzerland