Lost in migration



Time: 26-27 January 20
Location: Attard, Malta

The conference entitled “Lost in migration: Working together in protecting children from disappearance” will take place between the 26-27 January 2017 in Malta: it is organized by Missing Children Europe together with the Maltese President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society.

The premises of the conference arise from the extraordinary number of children on the move who have been arriving in the European Union: while fleeing from harm and persecution and seeking protection, these children experience violations of their human rights in spite of the obligations under international and European law.

The event also follows a study published by Missing Children Europe in March 2016 and entitled “Best practices and key challenges on interagency cooperation to safeguard unaccompanied children from going missing”, according to which the lack of coordination and cooperation impedes the prevention, response and aftercare for missing unaccompanied children.

Based on this, the conference will gather stakeholders concerned with those issues in order to elaborate proposals to improve the protection of children on the move.

In the framework of this event, several workshop will take place, among which the one coordinated by Kopin, member of the Destination Unknown Campaign (DUC), on Durable Solutions for Children on the move;  in light of the recommendations and procedures concerning durable solutions for Children on the move developed by the Working Group of the DUC, the workshop will present the case of Farah Abdi: it is a story of a young Somali refugee who fled from Kenya because of persecution and stigma associated with his sexual orientation and arrived in Malta without his family at only 16 years of age.

Previous to the conference, a blog has been launched  to allow contributions on the situations, challenges and stories of children on the move.

To know more about the “Lost in migration: Working together in protecting children from disappearance” conference access to the programme

More information are also available at the Lost in migration website