Study Session: The voice of young migrants in Europe



Time: 19 – 20 November 2016
Location: Basel (Switzerland)

International exchange among participative projects of young migrants

19. – 20. November 2016, Basel (Switzerland)

The participation project for separated minor asylum-seekers Speak out! invites to an inter-national meeting with participative projects in Europe working with and for young migrants. The aim of the meeting is to exchange among different projects on how to strengthen the voi-ces of young migrants in Europe.

Speak out! is a project of the Swiss National Youth Council (SAJV/CSAJ). SAJV/ CSAJ is the umbrella organisation of more than 60 youth and the main lobbying body for youth in Swit-zerland. Speak out! exists since 2010 as a project for separated minor asylum-seekers. 2014 a Charta was elaborated by the project participants. Since 2016 an additional Speak out! pro-ject for young irregular migrants was initiated. More information on the SAJV/ CSAJ and Speak out! activities:

Aim and objectives of the study session

  • External participation: exchange on methods and strategies to involve young migrants in the political process, to create a platform they can use to make their voices heared. What methods have been used by the different projects? Which methods were successful and why?
  • Internal participation: Exchange on participative processes and structures of the young migrants in the projects
  • Future network: Broaden the knowledge and contacts among the existing projects and discuss possible networks and collaborations in the future.

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