This page is dedicated to videos, films and documentaries about children on the move and the situation migrants find themselves in across the globe.

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Destination Unknown’s Youth Delegation share their stories

Filmed during the Global Conference on Children on the Move, this collection of videos features children and young people affected by migration detailing their experiences and observations of being a child on the move.

Teenage Syrian refugee Salman shares his hopes and dreams

As part of a series of videos enabling child refugees to tell their own stories, Syrian refugee Salman tells his story, and what his dreams for the future are.

Never Arrive – The story of Farah 

‘Never Arrive’ tells the story of Farah Abdullahi Abdi, a young Somali refugee who was forced to flee her home in Kenya because of persecution and stigma associated with her sexual orientation. She came to Malta without her family at only 16 years of age.

Directed by Aisha Roberson and Petra Spreij.

The Art of Becoming

The art of becoming is a poetic documentary about three unaccompanied minors from Afghanistan, Syria and Guinea, who hope for a stable future in Europe. Terre des Hommes was partner for the film and tracked down the family of Mamadou, one of the protagonists of the film who was returned to Guinea.

Fuocoammare (Fire at Sea)

Winner of the Golden Bear 2016 for best film at the Berlin Film Festival. Directed by Gianfranco Rosi, this documentary focuses on the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean and describes the situation on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

What If We Take Care of Humans Instead of Caring About Frontiers?

Directed by Dreamcorner, this was one of the video-clip winners of the 4th Shining Stars of Europe video contest, focusing on international development.

Time to Look at Girls: Migrants in Bangladesh and Ethiopia

The story of two adolescent girls in Bangladesh and Ethiopia who decided to leave their families and relatives to migrant to cities in order to find better opportunities. Directed by Marco Speroni, and produced and researched by Katarzyna E. Grabska, Nicoletta Del Franco and Marina de Regt.

Children on the Move in Cities

A documentary by both the International Organization for Migration and Save the Children about the experiences of children on the move as they migrate towards and through cities in Turkey, Italy and Sweden. The film looks at the children’s expectations. the challenges they face and what the reality looks like.

Stepping Forward

A documentary produced by Bildwerkfilm on the situation for refugees in Malta – the smallest European Union member at the crossroads between Africa and Europe. The island becomes the symbol of an outdated asylum policy, showing how badly the EU is dealing with new arrivals and points to the development of a humanitarian crisis at its southern borders.

Maybe Tomorrow

Produced by the Italian Council for Refugees as part of the ‘Access to Protection: A human right’ project, funded by the European Programme for Integration and Migration. The video was shot by Stefano Liberti and Mario Poeta.

Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island

‘Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island’ is an animated short film by Lukas Schrank, which tells the stories of two men currently detained in Australia’s notorious Manus Island Processing Centre.

The Land Between

The Land Between offers an intimate insight into the hidden and desperate lives of Sub-Saharan African migrants living in the mountains of northern Morocco. For most, their dream is to enter Europe by jumping a highly-militarised barrier into Melilla – a Spanish enclave on the African continent.

The film is directed by Davide Fedele and available with English, French, Spanish, Italian & German subtitles on

Farah Abdi interviews Commissioner Malmström 

Farah Abdi Adbullahi, a Somali refugee living in Malta, passed through many difficulties and risks during her journey from Kenya.


La Jaula De Oro

A road movie by Diego Quemada-Díezby about teenage Guatemalan migrants and their journey to the U.S.

Who is Dayani Cristal ?

Directed by Gael García Bernal and Marc Silver, this film tells the story of a migrant who found himself in the deadly stretch of desert known as “the corridor of death”, and shows how one life becomes testimony to the tragic results of the U.S. war on immigration.

Mare Chiuso

By Andrea Segre

Io sto con la sposa

by Antonio Augugliaro, Gabriele Del Grande and Khaled Soliman Al Nassiry

Cose di questo mondo (In This World)

by Michael Winterbottom

A Land of Transit

by Paolo Martino


The Italian Solution, a documentary about the former Mediterranean search and rescue operation ‪Mare Nostrum, by Australian televsion channel ABC.