The working sessions on children of the GFMD Civil Society Days have delivered their outcome: the Child rapporteur Ms Roula Hamati, from Insan Association (Lebanon), member of the Destination Unknown Campaign, has collected two key messages to be conveyed by the civil society CSD Chair in his report to governments on the 10th of December:

  1. A child is a child regardless of their situation and thus children are the link between the two global compacts. Children and other vulnerable populations should be put at the heart of the Global Compacts and migration policies in general. A crosscutting discussion of children issues across all migration discussions is needed. A children perspective should be bridged across all discussions.
  2. Apply the 9 recommended principles to guide actions concerning children on the move and other children affected by migration and ensure the application of a monitoring mechanism to track change.

You can watch the closing ceremony and the different interventions here:

These priority messages arise from the discussion which took place in various working sessions and that analysed the multiple realities faced by children on the move; in particular it was highlighted:

  • vincent_tournecuillert_destination_unknown_coordinator_2nd_bridging_papersthe negative impact of bad recruitment practices and labour rights violations of workers on children and families in countries of origin
  • the severe exploitation of children in destination countries in worst forms of child labour
  • the lack of transnational protection for the children on move
  • the crucial role of youths in reducing xenophobia and racism
  • the fact that in certain migration corridors, migrant children are the largest group of victims of violence and unjust treatment- including the deportation of children born in the country of destination.

The discussion also led the participants to identify actions to be implemented: beside the priority messages, the inclusion of children in policy and decision making and in discussions that affect them was emphasised. The development of frameworks to protect stateless children from detention was another main concern. Finally, the need to collect data on children and family members who are left behind in countries of destination was highlighted to contribute to a more in-depth understanding of migration.

To know more:

  • go to www.gfmd.org and gfmdcivilsociety.org
  • read the intervention of Ignacio Packer, Secretary General of Terre des Hommes at the GFMD Civil Society Days
  • WATCH the livestream of the opening plenary session of the GFMD on 10 December at 9:45 am Dhaka time.
    On Saturday during the GFDM – COMMON SPACE, Ignacio Packer will be on the panel “Theme: Time to Act – Compact for Governance of Migration”


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