Earlier this month at the Global Conference on Children on the Move, we celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Destination Unknown (DU) campaign.

The campaign was commemorated in a joint session during the first day of the conference, where we shared our successes, discussed the challenges we face and exchanged knowledge – as well as celebrating the fifth year of the Global Campaign to End Child Immigration Detention.

The event cultivated the space for young advocates to share their migration experiences, allowing them to speak out for young people and actively contribute to discussions. Among the speakers was Farah Abdi, an award-winning human rights activist and author of the autobiographical book Never Arrive.

The fifth anniversary of the DU campaign was also marked by a comprehensive review of our five years of dedicated work promoting the protection and best interests of children on the move. This review included a comprehensive mapping of all the projects and activities associated with the Destination Unknown campaign, which can be accessed through an interactive map on our website.Together with our partner organisations and supporters, the DU campaign has been raising awareness, developing protection mechanisms and advocating for political change to support children affected by migration worldwide.

The DU campaign will continue to consolidate and improve the positive work and results obtained so far to protect and empower children on the move. Our recently completed review will enable us to defend the human rights of children on the move even more efficiently, and to more closely cooperate with our local and international partners to protect these vulnerable people.

The next phase of the DU campaign will aim to amplify the positive work helping on children on the move and other children affected by migration we have achieved so far. The new strategy will focus on building up a larger membership campaign membership, promoting child rights at local, national, regional and global levels and mainstreaming child and youth engagement within policy making and political activities.

The new strategy will focus on living together – how children on the move can be helped to integrate into their host communities, while also highlighting the many positives they can bring to society.

The campaign will target the UN Global Compact on Refugees and the UN Global Compact on Safe, Regular and Orderly Migration to ensure key commitments to child rights enshrined in the New York Declaration are reflected in them both. These rights include non-discrimination, the best interests of the child, protection for children and access to services.

The DU campaign anniversary shows the growth and important achievements our movement has accomplished, five years after it began. We have learned so much on our journey, and have made huge stride to protect children on the move.

Our work over the next five years will be just as important, with everything we do focused solely on providing children on the move or otherwise affected by migration with the protection and opportunities they need.

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