The Global Conference on Children on the Move begins today, seeking to ensure that two new compacts on refugees and migrants committed to at last year’s UN General Assembly have children at their core.

The conference is fully booked, but you can still watch the speeches and debates virtually here. You can hear the latest ideas and opinions as they happen, and have your say in the comments section.

We demand the Global Compacts include concrete and practical measures so countries ensure all children on the move are protected, have better legal representation, easier access to registration and citizenship, are free from being detained and have access to a quality education.

To give these ambitions the best possible chance of being realised, Destination Unknown campaign members are part of the Initiative for Child Rights within the Global Compacts.

This initiative is developing and championing recommendations based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to be included in the compacts, and pushing for measurable ways to hold those responsible for protecting children on the move truly accountable.

With so many children on the move across the world, putting children front and centre of the UN’s global compacts is an imperative.

During the conference, we will also be celebrating the fifth anniversary of the start of the Destination Unknown campaign. You can also watch it live, as it is being streamed by the Global Campaign to End Immigration Detention of Children, through their Facebook page.

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