Mention the Unmentioned campaign Posted January 19, 2017



Missing Children Europe launched a large-scale campaign on Facebook yesterday urging politicians to do more to protect children on the move. The Mentioned the Unmentioned campaign invites each one of us to take part in promoting the rights of migrant and refugee children.

Every day children flee their homes escaping the atrocities of war, persecution, extreme poverty and other kinds of violence, but they are rarely mentioned by authorities and legal documents. However, 30% of all people seeking protection in Europe are children. Last year only, 40% of the people in refugee camps in Greece were children. In 2015, 89,000 unaccompanied minors came to Europe and at least 10,000 of them have disappeared. Children on the move are often exposed to abuse and are vulnerable to serious human rights violations. They experience circumstances no child should ever have to endure.

While these facts are well known, our European authorities are not taking sufficient measures to protect them – protection they are entitled to by International Law and European Law.

What to do?

Simply mention your competent Minister in the comments section of the the Facebook posts. Let your minister know you care and want him/her to grant all children the same rights regardless of migration status. A simple notification can have a real impact, maximise it by sharing it with your network of friends.

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