‘Never Arrive’ tells the story of Farah Abdullahi Abdi, a young Somali refugee, who was forced to flee his home in Kenya because of persecution and stigma associated with his sexual orientation. Farah arrived in Malta without his family at only 16 years of age.

This film has been produced by Aisha Roberson and Petra Spreij, it is based on his book ‘Never Arrive’ telling his journey, not only physical but also mental and emotional. It’s a story about one man’s dreams and aspirations and his challenges as he crosses borders and endures unspeakable hardships in search of the future he believes he deserves.  It is a story of self- acceptance and the will to risk it all for freedom. The often dangerous, brutal and terrifying events that most asylum seekers experience are vividly portrayed in Never Arrive’.

Two formats are available: 

Never Arrive  – Short Version of 2:48

Never Arrive  – Long version of 6:15


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