participants_vocational_training_held_by_Terre_des_Hommes_Netherlands_in_Northern_Ethiopia_Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Deep poverty is a major cause for child migration, child trafficiking, child labour and child exploitation. Many children are looking for ways to survive, and move around in search for better places to do so. Vulnerable children are at great risk of being mistreated and abused. They are also an easy victim for child traffickers, and young girls often end up in prostitution.

Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ partner FSCE removes children from exploitative situations, by enrolling them in vocational training so that they can earn a decent income in the future. ‘Rehabilitation and reintegration of children on the move’ provides rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked, migrated, and exploited children under transport. The programme focuses on direct assistance, awareness raising and civil society capacity building in Bahir Dar city and Woreta town in Amhara National Regional State, covering the northwestern trafficking and migration corridor in Ethiopia.

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