Project for children in Lay Gayint, Ethiopia


Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Deep poverty is a major cause for child migration, child trafficiking, child labour and child exploitation. Many children are looking for ways to survive, and move around in search for better places to do so. Vulnerable children are at great risk of being mistreated and abused. They are also an easy victim for child traffickers, and young girls often end up in prostitution.

Education is the most powerfull intervention to break the poverty spiral. Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ project partner WCAT prevents child trafficking and migration through improving access to education for vulnerable children in Lay Gayint, part of the northwestern trafficking and migration corridor in Ethiopia. Key aspects of WCAT’s work are reunifying migrated and trafficked children with their families, offering livelihood support for families, raising awareness within the community on the importance of education and issues of child trafficking and migration, and strengthening community child protection structures. In addition, WCAT has constructed a shelter to provide a temporary stay for formerly trafficked and migrant chidren who receive rehabilitation services in the process of being reunified with their families.

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