Terre des Hommes Netherlands’ project partner Foundation For Women (FFW) runs a shelter and drop-in center in Mae Sot, which are well known among Burmese victims and have been recognized/acknowledged by the Thai authorities, the police and other social organisations. The police for example, refers victims of trafficking to the centers of FFW. Our partner also has a good relation with Mae Sot hospital. When women and children arrive at the shelter, they first are medically examined for malaria and HIV but also for psychological traumas and if necessary, treated.

Education plays an important role in the support that FFW gives to victims of trafficking. Courses in sewing and dress making are often offered by professionals in the shelter. These classes are also open to other poor female migrants from Burma who aren’t staying in the shelter but need to learn a profession in order to survive. Girls and women who have successfully completed their education, can receive a small grant from FFW to return to their (Burmese) community. The staff of FFW visit her at least once per two months after the victim has returned home to check up how the re-integration is going. At the same time, FFW raises awareness among the community members of the victim.
FFW also focuses on preventing trafficking via raising awareness (via brochures in different languages and a radio station) and a close cooperation with authorities and organisations. FFW has been officially recognised as a member of the anti human trafficking committee by the Thai government. This committee advises the government

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