“Childhood Resources” is a short cut of the long documentary produced by the Swiss Foundation of the International Social Service, partner of the Destination Unknown campaign.

This documentary is based on real case and portrays the journey of a child on the move who has faced difficulties in a neighboring country and how he regain social, educational and/or professional perspectives through understanding, coaching and appropriate support.

This story highlights the need for cooperation between the different stakeholders and show the importance of the involvement of reference persons to enable young people to develop prospects. It also demonstrates the utility of applying common standards of care to address the present situation and future of the young person according to their needs and with their full participation.

The video also presents the West Africa Network (WAN) for the protection of children : an example of South-South mechanism aiming at protecting and reintegrating children on the move. The mission of the network is to develop genuine collaboration between stakeholders in the regions of origin (i.e. West Africa), transit (i.e. Maghreb countries) and destination (i.e. Europe).

16 NGOs from 16 different countries are involved in the WAN network.


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