Terre des Hommes launched the video “Thailand : Journey to my Dreams” urging Thai authorities to protect children on the move.

It documents the situation of Child Migrant Workers in Thailand. While these children are looking for a better life and a more secure economic situation, they find themselves very vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Their status and inability to speak the local language increases their vulnerability. These children, mostly coming from neighboring countries, are mainly being exploited in fishing, construction and the sex industry.

The video reveals that across Thailand, more than a million children are working in unsafe and risky situation. Many suffer in appalling working conditions.

In the light of concerns for the situation of child migrants, Thailand’s Child Protection Act of 2003 prohibits an “individual from employing or asking a child to work or act in a way that may be physically or mentally harmful to the child, affect the child’s growth or hinder the child’s development.” However, this law only applies to Thai nationals.

Palissorn Noja, Director of Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center (ATCC) stresses that, “in Thailand, Cambodian children mostly working as beggars or on boats in the fishing industry.” He continues that “Burmese children usually are involved in the more manual, more physical work such as on construction sites or on boats in fishing industry, while children from Laos are usually found working in the sex and service industries.”

We need to listen to the voices of the children and young people to determine the necessary structures, mechanisms and policies that needed to be in place to allow them to claim their right to safe and satisfactory experience, and right to a better life.

Terre des Hommes has produced the video with support from the Oak Foundation and as part of its Destination Unknown Campaign to protect children on the move.

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