Valletta summit: the voice of NGOs Posted November 24, 2015


The LADDER conference took place between 11 and 13 November and was held as a parallel conference to the Valletta Summit, which – except for the token participation of two observing CSO representatives – excluded NGOs from participating in the European-African debates on migration and asylum.

The conference was organised by the NGO SOS Malta in the framework of the project LADDER Local Authorities as Drivers for Development Education and Raising Awareness which promotes development awareness within the European Year for Development 2015 and aims to develop and increase awareness and action of Local Authorities and Civil Society.

The event, which was financially supported by the European Commission and the EEA Grants, provided an opportune moment to discuss the global perspectives of migration and how this affects development worldwide, whilst focusing on action that can be taken at the local level to combat challenges caused by migration, harness positive forces of migration and raise awareness of the issue of migration globally.

kopin at the Ladder conference

Credits : Ladder project EU

At the conference, Dominik Kalweit, Vice Executive Director of the Maltese NGO Kopin, held a presentation about the rights of children on the move.   In his presentation, Dominik emphasised the unfortunate discrepancy between law and policy versus their actual implementation on the ground, in both developing and developed countries.

Presenting the Destination Unknown Campaign, Dominik gave the audience a practical example of how the campaign partners operates in fields such as child protection, education and other service provision. He also highlighted how these actions are being aligned at both national and international levels in strong joint advocacy efforts for the rights of children on the move.

Kopin is a human rights NGO, partner of the Destination campaign, working in the fields of international development cooperation, development education and refugee support in Malta.


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