Sophie - social workerBefore our collaboration, we didn’t  know what to do when the community appealed to us for a child on the move.

This is an extract of the testimony from a social worker in Mali working for the NGO Enda Mopti, a partner of Terre des Hommes. In her testimony, Sophie Kassogue shared how this partnership within the Destination Unknown campaign had improved management capabilities and fostered better support for children on the move.

This partnership is conducted as part of the regional project “Protective system for children on the move in West Africa”. Sophie, as Head of Service, gives mainly support to housemaids and child domestic workers most of whom are unaccompanied children. Since recent years, the support and guidance of these children is easier and implemented in a more professional way thanks to the partnership.

Further than that, the social workers are frequently attending training courses on child mobility which help them to better organize their tracking system.

Read the testimony of Sophie Kassogue (in french)

To know more on child mobility in West Africa


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