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Berlin, 17th of February 2016 – At the national press conference on the topic of “root causes of migration”, the members of “Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft“ call for solidarity.

The topic of root causes of migration is not about why people are coming to Europe. It is about why they have to leave their countries.

Europe is responsible for the unprecedented refugees flows to Europe

If Europe fuels the crisis with weapons instead of campaigning for a peaceful conflict resolution in due time, this is exactly the opposite of fighting against the root causes of migration”, says Füllkrug-Weitzel on Syria.

Europe  always reacts if and only if it is directly affected, which is a scandal.

Political solutions for more security

 “Armed conflicts are increasingly the reason for big refugee flows, hunger and poverty. People from affected regions are seeking protection and most of them are fleeing in neighborhood countries. Humanitarian assistance in cases of acute emergencies, as we experience it now in Syria, should be one of our priorities” states Bärbel Dieckmann. “But essentially it is about political solutions. We have to do everything  to bring refugees in safety and to provide support for them”.

At the moment, there is almost no possibility to return to Syrian. “Therefore, we have to further support neighborhood countries such as Lebanon and Jordan, but especially Turkey, which is hosting already 2.5 million refugees.” It is questionable if three billion euro of EU funding will be enough.

Children on the move

Wherever people have to leave their homes, children usually don’t go to school anymore and a lost generation grows up. Apart from the basic care, education is fundamental to allow young people to have a perspective for their future lives. “The attempt to find an European common solution for dealing with the current challenges, is right” states Dieckmann. “but I am very skeptical at the moment about the succeeding.”

A new cooperation with confidence, courage and visual judgement

Half of the 60 million refugees worldwide are children. Terre des Hommes supports around 400.000 of them. The adolescents need an age appropriate care – also with psycho-social support. “Neither because of political nor humanitarian reasons we can allow a generation of people to grow up without perspectives” says Albert Recknagel. He is demanding more investments to make lives of children and their families easier and to give them perspectives. While doing so,  solution approaches should be developed in the regions of conflicts. “Not everything can be manged from Europe.”

Also here in Germany it is our duty to organise solidarity and to adjust to a new cooperation – not naïve but with confidence, courage and visual judgement. Like in Europe, also in Germany it is not about effectively managing a current “migration crisis” but to recognise that the consequences of war, violence, despair and lack of perspectives not any longer can be limited to regional hot spots and focal points and which we can keep away from our borders. “We are facing a long-term task to include these people into our society in Germany,” so Recknagel.

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