Destination Unknown campaign member Terre des Hommes is dismayed and opposed to the Italian government’s latest example of unjustifiable indifference towards human life, by preventing the 47 people aboard the rescue ship SeaWatch 3 from disembarking in Italy. The ship has been prevented by force from entering a safe harbour where people on board would have access to medical care and protection.

It is not acceptable that vulnerable people, such as unaccompanied children who have experienced unspeakable torture and violence, wait to learn their destiny while countries quarrel over who should assist them.

This strategy has been ineffective in inspiring the solidarity between European countries which Italy hopes to obtain to care for those rescued from the Mediterranean. This solidarity is essential in guaranteeing that responsibility to provide immediate assistance to rescued people does not rest solely on the shoulders of a few countries on Mediterranean shores.

“We appeal once again to the humanity and high moral standing of the Italian President to accept the request for safe harbor from SeaWatch 3. It is ethically undisputable that Italy must act to guarantee the protection and care of all those on board,” said Donatella Vergari, President of Terre des Hommes Italy.

For information:
Rossella Panuzzo
Press Officer, Terre des Hommes Italia
tel. 340 3104927
Email: r.panuzzo@tdhitaly.org

Picture: Migrant children and adults disembark in Italy in 2014. ©Tdh / Francois Struzik

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