International Dialogue on Migration 2019: Unlocking the potential of youth to respond to the new challenges and opportunities of migration



Time: 15-16 October
Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Date: 15-16 October

Location: Geneva International Conference Centre, Geneva, Switzerland

To elaborate further on discussions and recommendations regarding youth and migration held at the first session of the 2019 I, which took place in New York on 28 February, this second session will emphasise unlocking the potential of youth and enabling them to respond to the challenges and opportunities of migration.

This session will engage young actors and experts in a dialogue with policy and decision-makers and relevant international, regional and national actors, as well as with businesses, scholars and diaspora groups to exchange on the challenges young migrants encounter, and how to boost their potential while overcoming these challenges through partnerships.

The session will explore the potential of diaspora communities to engage and uplift young people on the move and the resources available to migrants and further actions that must be taken to ensure their successful integration, particularly looking at psychological challenges and well being. In addition, the workshop will analyse the multi-faceted role of technology in the lives of migrant youth, environmental challenges, and the future of work.