Lost in Migration Conference



Time: 20-22 February 2019
Location: Valletta, Malta

The 2019 edition of the Lost in Migration conference will take place in a key moment:

> At international level, the two Global Compacts will be just adopted, and discussions will be ongoing on how to practically implement the actions at regional, national and local level, with important consequences on the policies related to the protection of children in migration, including from going missing.

> At European level, the scene will be dominated by political campaigns leading to the European elections in spring and, consequently, a renewed composition of the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Both represent an important opportunity to make sure that children’s rights are high in the political agenda of candidates and that the conclusions of the two previous conferences are taken into account both in global and European strategies, and that no child is left behind.

Destination Unknown members will participate in and organise a workshop on the importance of comprehensive and sustainable service provision to support immediate protection and long-term inclusion of children on the move.