Twelfth Meeting of the Global Forum on Migration and Development



Time: 18-22 November
Location: Quito, Ecuador

Date: 18-22 November

Location: Centro de Convenciones Bicentenario, Quito, Ecuador

The Ecuadorian Chairmanship of 2019 comes at a very timely moment for global migration governance: The magnitude of international migration and forced displacement has led the international community to address these issues at the highest political level. The affirmation of two Global Compacts — one on Refugees (GCR) and the other for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) — emphasizes the need for cooperation to address these global challenges in a comprehensive manner, which ensures the safety, rights and dignity of all migrants and refugees and harnesses their contributions to development at the local, national, regional and global level.

Before assuming the GFMD Chairmanship, Ecuador has been actively involved in the GFMD as a member of the Steering Group, the Ad Hoc Working Group on the GCM and 2030 Agenda, and the GFMD Expert Review Team. It was also co-chair of several GFMD Roundtable Sessions, and has actively participated in the Migration Laboratory. Outside of the GFMD, Ecuador was significantly involved in the development of the GCM, putting it in an excellent position to carry the GFMD forward in close coordination with this process.

In this context, Ecuador, under the leadership of designated Chair of the GFMD 2019 Mr. Santiago Javier Chávez Pareja, Vice Minister for Human Mobility of Ecuador, brings to the GFMD process its expertise as a major receiving country for migrants and refugees with world-recognized migration policies, and an active voice in international migration affairs. It also represents a return of the Chairmanship to Latin America for the first time since 2010.