2016 GFMD Civil Society Days have started.


Ignacio Packer, Secretary General of Terre des Hommes and Chair of the 2015 GFMD Civil Society Days, made the bridge from the last year’s GFMD. His speech was moving, urgent and inspiring:

“I believe in the impossible, every day.

We have guidelines to refer to, government commitments, a momentum, a lifetime window of opportunity, 2 years to develop Global Compacts… and civil society is well organized. It will soon be better.

Do they still believe in the impossible things we are telling them?

With their incredible resilience, they are the ones who daily believe in impossible things… until they no longer have the strength of doing so, or tragic “circumstances” led by migration policy based on prejudice and fear decide otherwise…

I believe in impossible things as the way to make them possible.

How about you?”

Watch the opening Ceremony and Ignacio’s intervention:

Last year at the opening ceremony of GFMD common space in Istanbul, as chair, he delivered a speech based on choices.

  1. Choosing bridges rather than barbwires, fences and prisons.
  2. Choosing to root migration policy and its implementation in evidence and values.
  3. Choosing to reject the disgraceful and dishonest siege mentality fanned by an increasing number of populist leaders, by xenophobic media. Choosing to no longer surrender to such intolerance.

A quick snapshot of 2016 GFMD Civil Society Days

  • About 380 participants from 115 countries.
  • There will be 230 civil society delegates and 20 civil society networks active in migration and development around the world, of which 47% are women and 53% men.
  • 42% of the civil society delegates are migrants, refugees or members of the diaspora (defined a migrants or the children or grandchildren of migrants)
  • Close to 31% of the civil society delegates represent migrant or diaspora NGOs and 25% from human-rights-focused NGOs. The remainder 44% are split between development NGOs, trade unions and workers organizations, the academic community and representatives from the private sector.
  • All regions of the world will be represented, with civil society delegates from 69 countries: 37% from Asia, 21% from Africa, 22% from the Americas, and 16% from Europe.
  • At least 20 government guests, including past, present and future GFMD Chairs.
  • At least 50 observers from international and regional organizations and UN agencies.

WATCH the livestream of opening plenary session of the GFMD on 10 December at 9:45 am Dhaka time.
On Saturday during the GFDM – COMMON SPACE, Ignacio Packer will be  on the panel  “Theme: Time to Act – Compact for Governance of Migration

To know more go to:

www.gfmd.org and gfmdcivilsociety.org


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