Knowledge hub

We share learning from Destination Unknown members and beyond, including research we undertake, to increase understanding, improve services for children on the move and influence decision-makers to make positive change.

Promising practices

We believe that small actions, developed in consultation and collaboration with children themselves, can have a big impact on their lives. We work with children on the move to protect them and make a real difference. The examples of promising practices below aim to inspire other organisations so that together we can do more to support children. They've been developed so they can be easily expanded or replicated elsewhere.

Peer-to-peer mentoring for integration in Europe

Mentoring unaccompanied and separated children in Switzerland

Counselling children on the move in Cambodia

Protecting children on the move in West Africa

Supporting children to reintegrate after being returned to El Salvador

Providing psychosocial services in Sicily

Sharing experiences in India

Helping children on the move through mobile legal clinics in South Africa

Supporting social inclusion through sports in Egypt

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