Citizens offered to give refugees in Greece a lift to other EU countries.

Drivers from across Europe brought Brussels roads to a standstill today, driving over 250 cars from across the continent to demand that EU leaders do more to relocate refugees from Greece.

People taking part in Let’s Bring Them Here formed a car parade to offer themselves as ‘Official European Chauffeurs’ to drive refugees currently stuck in Greece to other European destinations, if EU leaders were still unwilling to act. The parade was held ahead of a meeting of European leaders later this week, and aims to remind them to keep their promise to take in refugees currently stranded in Greece.

In September 2015, European leaders pledged to relocate over 63,000 refugees from Greece to other countries within the EU. But despite this, only 9,632 refugees have been relocated in the year and a half since the deal was agreed.

Refugees, including families and unaccompanied minors, are instead being forced to wait indefinitely in deplorable camps and detention centres within Greece. Rather than actually offering shelter to the people they had promised it to, European leaders left refugees to spend the winter outside in tents, with a number of deaths in refugee camps recorded throughout the country.

Children have also been detained in run-down reception centres such as Amygdaleza, where they sleep on grimy mattresses in damp dormitories and are left with nothing to do due to a chronic lack of facilities.

Allowing children the ability to move freely, both within and between countries, is one of the nine principles to guide actions on children affected by migration, developed by Terre des Hommes as part of the Destination Unknown campaign. Children must be allowed to migrate in search of a better life and to look for safety and opportunity – including from Greece to other EU nations.

Detaining children solely on the basis of their parents’ migration status is also a violation of children’s human rights, and is never in the best interests of the child.

Refugee children need a safe, secure family life in order to develop. Rather than keeping entire families cooped up in Greek camps, EU leaders should speed up the process of resettling them across EU countries to give these children every chance of fulfilling their potential despite all the obstacles they have had to face.

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