Ignacio_Packer_Secretary_General_of_Terre_des_Hommes_speaking_at_Interactive_Hearings_in_New_YorkNew York, 15 July 2013 – Hearings prior to the High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development

300 civil society representatives and over 80 state representatives gathered in New York for the Interactive Hearings prior to the High Level Dialogue (HLD) on Migration and Development (3rd and 4th October); they came together to dialogue on the many different and complex issues of Migration and Development.

An agenda where children have not been left out.

Civil society brought a unity message, one carved out of national and regional consultations. Over the last week-end, its delegates fine-tuned those messages.  An 8 point agenda to work with governments over a 5 year period.  An agenda to bring about substantive change, to demonstrate commitments and to bring an end to the globalization of indifference.  An agenda where children have not been left out.

The proposals by civil society are without precedent in depth and specifics.  Civil Society came more prepared to discuss with governments.  Civil society came with a greater degree of optimism that, in fact, civil society organizations can make major changes.

“We are here for the long haul”

Over the past months, Terre Des Hommes has contributed to the collective and thoughtful thinking (see previous post on  Ignacio Packer, Secretary General of Terre Des Hommes International Federation presented in plenary sharp messages on children on the move and children in the context of migration:

  • immigration detention of children must stop;
  • a child must be guaranteed access to services, protection and justice regardless of migration status.

« Signs are that the 2nd HLD will represent a significant advance for how the issues of children affected by migration are approached. There is still a lot of work to do before the HLD in October and we are here for the long haul.  Children are now visible on the agenda and there is a growing focus on the most urgently needed changes in current policies and practices”, said Ignacio Packer after the Hearings.

“Let’s make it a transformational High Level Dialogue”

Ms. Cathi Tactaquin (National Network for Immigrant Refugee Rights) concluded : « We are approaching an important stage of our efforts.  The HLD, we hope, will launch a new area of constructive collaboration for common goals » and reminded of William Gois (Migrant Forum in Asia) call: « Let’s make it happen, let’s make it a transformational High Level Dialogue ».

Ignacio Packer, Secretary General, Terre des Hommes International Federation


  • Read the full speech delivered by Ignacio Packer

Interactive Hearings Migration and Development – July 15th 2013 – Ignacio Packer

  • For more information on the Interactive Hearings and the High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development

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