Not all children who are on the move are trafficked children. There are other complex factors which pertain to mobility. Child mobility in itself is not necessarily contrary to the best interest of the child. The unsafe conditions of mobility put children at risk of abuse and exploitation” said Reggie Florendo, Regional Program Coordinator of Terre des Hommes Netherlands South East Asia Office.

The second National Conference on Human trafficking was held in Lima, Peru, on the 17-18th June on the campus of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP).

Ricardo Valdes, president of CHS Alternative declared : “This meeting comes in a context where the sense of urgency to tackle human trafficking requires a greater commitment by the state and civil society.”

For two days, 14 panelists related to this issue developed some aspects : the role of men, the role of investigative journalism, corruption and money laundering in human trafficking, prevention and recovery, support and protection of victims, new scenarios of the crime of trafficking, regional and local governments, these among others.

This event was co-organized by Terre des Hommes Netherlands and there were more than 200 participants, including legislators, prosecutors, academics,  journalists and representatives of NGOs.

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