Posted May 20, 2021

A warm welcome to our new member: Project Play

Destination Unknown welcomes Project Play to our global network championing the rights of children and young people on the move!

Project Play was founded in 2018 in northern France to provide children in displaced communities with safe spaces and opportunities to play. The team runs an average of six weekly sessions at twelve different sites to support children’s mental and physical well-being.

Project Play’s activities seek to reduce the impact of trauma that children may have experienced, and to foster children’s sense of identity, agency and increased self-worth. Providing regular and consistent play sessions with carefully planned games and activities gives children a strong sense of self-belief and can help them be more resilient.

Project Play also actively advocates for the rights of children to be upheld, including their right to play, to go to school and to rest. Current advocacy activities include:

  • Calling for governments to uphold their obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child - every month, Project Play co-publishes reports that highlight different issues regarding children’s rights. Read the full reports here.
  • Documenting child rights violations - since 2018, Project Play has released monthly Children’s Rights Violation infographics that depict violations that the team is made aware of through their interactions with children.

Grainne Farrell, UK and EU Advocacy Officer at Project Play, explains why Project Play is keen to join Destination Unknown:

“We are really excited to join the Destination Unknown network, and work with other organisations who are championing the rights of children on the move. All children growing up in refugee camps across the world are having their rights violated, are living in insecure and dangerous environments facing multiple risks to their physical and mental health. We believe that working together, sharing knowledge and experience is a vital step in creating change for these children. We hope that through engaging in joint advocacy and awareness raising projects, that no more children will have to live in such difficult conditions.”


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Photos © Project Play. 

We believe that working together, sharing knowledge and experience is a vital step in creating change for these children.

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