Posted Jan 21, 2020

Children on the move in West Africa

Sharing views for the Global Forum on Migration and Development

Destination Unknown supported 27 children and young people with experience of mobility from Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Togo to discuss their own experiences of the themes being debated by governments as part of the Global Forum on Migration and Development process. They identified a number of things they would like to see governments involved in the GFMD process do to ensure the rights of children on the move are upheld and protected. Read their recommendations here.  

When it comes to ensuring that children on the move can access services, we call on governments worldwide to:

  • Develop education systems that are adapted for migrant children
  • Ensure global access for all children and young migrants to health, education, professional training, social protection, justice etc. and fund this.
  • Ensure that diplomatic representations have social services to meet the needs of their citizens.

In relation to climate-change and migration, we call on governments to:

  • Hold clear and concrete reflections on climate change
  • Be more firm and rigorous in policies and strategies to protect the environment
  • Fund awareness-raising of populations, including in schools on climate change
  • Make those responsible for pollution pay tax
  • Put in place systems to respond to the needs of people affected by climate change
  • Put in place measure to limit the use of harmful chemicals
  • Study the environmental impact on communities before approving any new factory plant

On labour migration, we ask governments to:

  • Allocate budget to accompany civil society and youth organisations in the fight against the worst forms of child labour.
  • Expand and promote appeal processes for children and young people in their countries of origin or destination.
  • Create and expand on occupational activities in countries of origin, transit and destination


Picture: Drawing from collection of drawings by participants of Tdh and Destination Unknown organised workshop with children and young people in Benin 2019. ©Tdh Foundation

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