Posted Jan 21, 2020

Recommendations from young people on the move in India

For the Global Forum on Migration and Development

Destination Unknown supported 26 young people from 4 Indian States to come together to discuss issues important to them and in line with themes being discussed at the Global Forum on Migration and Development in Quito in January. Read their recommendations to the government.

To ensure that all migrant children – regardless of their migratory status – can access services, we call on the government to:

  • At destination – provide clean and safe accommodation with electricity, safe drinking water and proper sanitation facilities; nutritious food and access to health services; the chance to be enrolled in nearby school and to continue education in their mother tongue / preferred language; hostel facilities; opportunities to play; skill training programs for migrant youth.
  • Ensure migrant children can access government services and facilities on submission of Identity Cards
  • Ensure accidental Life Insurance is provided to migrant families by employers

To support labour migration (of parents), we call on the government to:

  • Issue Labor Identity Cards / Safe Migration Cards for migrant families including children on the move
  • Ensure decent wages for migrant families based on the work done by them as per the Minimum Wages Act of India without gender discrimination
  • Ensure proper functioning of child protection mechanisms/systems at destination

When it comes to climate-related migration and displacement, we call on the government to:

  • Take care of children left by their parents at the point of origin during disaster
  • Provide relief and rehabilitation services to migrant children in a child-friendly and child-sensitive manner

 To ensure the safe migration of children, we call on the government to:

  • Ensure the registration of migrants at village level by issuing Safe Migration Cards
  • Inform migrant families, particularly children about safe migration, i.e. mode of travel, child protection mechanisms that they can access during transit and at destination
  • Sensitize Railway / Transportation personnel on Child Rights, other protective Acts that ensure protection of children and child protection mechanisms
  • Provide special transportation (train/bus) for migrant families and children on the move during migration season particularly for brick kiln workers

Furthermore, we ask the government to:

  • Collect data of migrant families and children on the move at destinations
  • Fine employers if they engage children in hazardous work at the destination
  • Introduce National Policy for Migration in which protection and promotion of Child Rights is highlighted


Picture: Participants of a Destination Unknown youth convention in India 2019. ©Tdh Suisse

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