Photo credits

Photographs used in this website are the copyright of Terre des hommes and credited to the following photographers:

Ollivier Girard
Laurent Crottet
Sandra Calligaro
Will Baxter
Aymeric Mellet
François Struzik
Guiseppe Salerno
Sebastian Delgado
Angélique Bühlmann
Marie-Lou Dumauthioz
Paul Robin
Fabrice Pédrono
Daimon Xanthopoulos
Grace Medina
Jean-Luc Marchina
Adrian Zdruli
Natalia Jidovanu
Mélanie Rouiller
Véronique de Viguerie
Joakim Löb
Vincent Haiges
Matthew Wallace
Ivo Daskalov

None of these photographs may be reproduced, modified, recirculated, commercially exploited or reused in any form whatsoever without the prior written consent of Terre des hommes and the persons concerned. 

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