A training on “The Role of Police to the Protection of Children on the Move” took place for 110 newly recruited police officials, mostly assistant sub-inspectors, at the Saeedabad police training centre in Karachi (Pakistan) on the 3rd and 4th November.

The two days training aimed at sensitizing police officials to the issues faced by children on the move. The topics that were discussed covered information on displaced children, children in street situation, their problems and their protection needs. They also included a presentation of the existing laws and procedural mechanisms related to child protection.

The training was organised by the DevCon for capacity building on child rights under the Destination Unknown Campaign, with the support of Terre des Hommes and the collaboration of the Police Training Academy.

The training sessions were facilitated by SSP Faizullah Korejo, SSP Shad Ibn-e-Masih, human rights activist Iqbal Detho, DevCon CEO Nisar Ahmed Nizamani and Country Coordinator, Pakistan at Terre des Hommes Germany Salam Dharejo.

They spoke about the issues that children face in rural and urban areas, which include leaving home in case of endless domestic violence, early child marriage, forced labour, exploitation, trafficking and torture.

They recalled that “many of these children will grow up and will lead the future of our nations”, emphasising the need to protect them to ensure their full development.

For this purpose, they urged the police officials to adopt a child-friendly approach and to ensure their role in safeguarding child rights: as a result, police officials committed to take responsibility for the protection of children on the move.

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