A child in Sofala province, Mozambique.

Earlier this month, the International Organization for Migration and the General Attorney’s Office of Mozambique organised a key meeting with civil society organisations (CSOs) to guarantee that the work of the National Reference Group for the Protection of Children and Combating Trafficking in Persons would continue.

Destination Unknown campaign member Rede Came was elected as the civil society focal point for the National Reference Group, and will link together organisations’ and stakeholders’ expertise and leadership to promote and protect the rights of children on the move within Mozambique.

Rede Came will play an important role preventing, supporting and reintegrating victims of human trafficking back into society – in particularly children. Also, as the focal point, Rede Came will help to influence the protective measures created for children on the move and thus help strengthen safeguards protecting these children within Mozambique.

The group, created in February 2016, is a Mozambican intergovernmental initiative that joins efforts with civil society to tackle human trafficking in the country.

The event gathered major CSOs working in child protection within Mozambique, who shared what they were doing to help safeguard vulnerable children.

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