A harrowing journey to Europe for refugee and migrant children

“Around the world, almost one in 10 children live in countries and areas affected by armed conflicts, and more than 400 million live in extreme poverty”.

Due to these drivers, thousands of children start a difficult journey to Europe and risk detention, rape, extortion, robbery, forced labour, beatings or death while seeking safety or a better life.

“I would never advise anyone to do what I did. So many children die or suffer terrible injuries along the way. The journey was far too dangerous” says Ibrahim one of the five children to whom Unicef gives voice and who left Afghanistan travelling for several months to flee from conflicts and go to school.

Not only children have to cope with harrowing journeys but they also have to face new hardships when they reach the final destination: long and complex procedures, shortages in welfare systems stretched to their limits and social exclusion.

To provide the children on the move with the rights they are entitled to, Unicef identifies in its report seven point plan for refugee and migrant children and recalls that “children on the move are first and foremost children with the right to a better life“.

Download the report of Unicef: “Danger every step of the way”

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