This advocacy tool, elaborated by the International Detention Coalition in the framework of the Initiative for Child Rights in the Global Compacts, outlines the proposed milestones for states to end child immigration detention.

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The Roadmap outlines the following milestones for states to be included in the Global Compacts and examples of practice:

  • By June 2019

We will develop national action plans for ending child immigration detention

  • By December 2019 (and then annually)

We will report on the number of children held in immigration detention each year

  • By 2022 (national rollout post pilot)

We will develop and implement child-sensitive alternatives to immigration detention

  • Beginning of 2019

We will report on our progress in ending child immigration detention in our CRC and UPR reports

  • By June 2025

We will prohibit child immigration detention in law and regulation

Read the Roadmap here.

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