Does migration contribute to development in the global South?

The study “Connections between Migration and Development” was conducted by the Professor Dr Jochen Oltmer, migration researcher at the University of Osnabrück and commissioned by Terre des Hommes Germany. The present study represents the second publication of the series “On the future of global relations” which was launched last year. Its aim is to contribute to the current debate on the relationship between migration and development policy by taking a more objective look at the connection between them.  With this study, Terre des Hommes Germany wants to introduce a more systematic consideration to this debate in order to develop long-term strategies defined by expertise and an humanitarian approach. 

illu study tdh deThe study shows that migration from the so-called developing countries to richer countries can contribute to social and economic development of countries of origin, for example through the transfer of money and knowledge while this potential of migration is not often considered in migration policies.

This raises many questions:

How Europe, in view of its values and its economic and social opportunities, can and should act?

Which are the possibilities and limitations of development policy with regard to migration?


“(…) we must consider migration not only from a Euro-centric perspective and consider it as a security problem. We live in a globally connected world, (…), but concepts for the design of a complex coexistence are needed. ” Danuta Sacher, Terre des Hommes Germany. 



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