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Larnaca (29 September and 1st of October 2016) – The satellite meeting ahead of GFMD 2016 on “Children On the Move and Other Children affected by Migration” strategized ahead of the Global Forum on Migration and Development 2016.

Linking local, national, regional and global advocacy work the participants planned how to move the child rights agenda in the light of the New York Declaration within a longer, multi-annual planning towards the GFMD 2016, GFMD 2017, GFMD 2018, the International Conference in 2018 and the HLD in 2019.

Hope for Children UNCR Policy Center in Cyprus hosted the meeting organized by Destination Unknown and Terre des Hommes.

Building on the Principles, concrete steps specific to Children On the Move and Other Children Affected by Migration in particular for the GFMD 2016 and the GFMD 2017 were identified.

In coherence with the preparation of the 2nd edition of the Movement report and the tracking change reports of the Destination Unknown Campaign, the following track change areas of work relating to the New York Declaration were identified with a high level of priority:

  • Child Immigration Detention (ref 33 – Principle COM 4)
  • Primary consideration at all times to the best interests of the child (ref. 32; 58 – Principle COM 1)
  • Access to basic health, education and psychosocial services.  Education for children within a few months of arrival/prioritize budgetary provision to facilitate this (ref. 59; 32; 81; 82 – Principle COM 2)
  • Documentation (Immediate birth registration; adequate assistance with obtaining other necessary documents) – (Ref. Annex I – 5f; Principle COM 1)
  • Right to express views freely in all matters affecting the child (Ref. Principle 9)

A 2nd edition of bridging papers looking at child rights perspectives, output of the GFMD 2015, are being prepared for discussion at GFMD 2016.

Representatives of the youth GFMD network presented the work done in the last months and the building blocks of their multi-annual plan.

Preliminary thinking on civil society’s role, and in particular of the child rights focused organisations, in the Development of a Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration and the International Conference in 2018 (Follow-up to the 19 September New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants).

This meeting gave voice to national and regional advocacy experts on migration and development to link, create synergies and influence civil societies’ work at global level” conclude Ignacio Packer, secretary general of Terre des Hommes.

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