We believe in Youth Posted October 10, 2016


children-on-the-move“There is a pressing need to reach out to Refugee Youth”, who form the large proportion of the refugee population, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, give them voice and take into account their specific needs: this is highlighted by the final report of the Global Refugee Youth Consultations (GRYC) undertaken by UNHCR and the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) with support from international and national non-governmental organisations, including Terre des Hommes.

Refugee Youth want the same things young people everywhere want: to be consulted, to be listened to, to contribute, to engage, and to be part of solutions

Involving youth is essential in shaping lasting peace and prosperity”.

The GRYC included the participation of over 1,267 young people -refugees and host country youth- in 56 national or sub-national consultations held in 22 countries between October 2015 and June 2016; it marked the importance of the process of engaging and empowering Refugee Youth, having involved 1183 refugees.

we_believe-in-youth_gryc_-by_unhcrIts report aims to raise awareness of the difficulties that Refugee Youth face: they have been identified in ten challenges which turn out to be remarkably consistent across countries and regions.

To address these challenges, the report includes suggestions of actions that the refugees could take themselves and recommendations to stakeholders about the types of support they need: they have been consolidated thematically into “Seven Core Actions for Refugee Youth” which intend to provide a framework to help humanitarian actors in working with and for Refugee Youth, and to shape youth-specific policy, guidance, and programmes; they are followed by specific, practical, and operational recommendations for Governments, humanitarian and other actors to ensure their implementation.

The report has also left another main legacy: it has shown a different way to work with and for young people which has at its core their voice and their respect. Moreover, many of the young people who met through the consultations are still in touch and keep exchanging ideas, motivating and inspiring each other: “they believe in themselves and they believe in each other, they believe in youth”.

Download the full report of the GRYC

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