South East Asia

We are developing a new campaign strategy in South-East Asia. More coming soon!

Voices from Thailand

Children on the move in Thailand discuss how they learn about, promote and claim their rights.

Members and partners in South-East Asia

In each region, we work with a variety of local, national and international youth-led organisations and civil society organisations whose work is grounded in the rights of the child, and which have expertise in child protection, mobility, research and campaigning. Our members work in many different ways to promote and enhance protection and the participation of children and young people.

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Are you interested in being part of Destination Unknown’s network of young people in South-East Asia?

Do you want to be in touch with other young people and at the heart of developing and driving campaigns so that the rights of children and young people on the move are respected, upheld and protected?

Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

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Regional News

Protecting Rohingya's young refugees
Destination Unknown campaign member Terre des Hommes rallies to protect Rohingya refugee children that have fled Myanmar.

Promising Practices

Counselling in Cambodia
Find out about the important work of Child Helpline Cambodia - a free 24-hour helpline giving children on the move access to much needed counselling.

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