Millions of children around the world are on the move. They lost home. They are escaping poverty, violence or disaster. They may end up exploited or abused. Their destination is unknown. Let’s mobilize to protect their rights.

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Why we need robust child rights commitments in the UN Global Compacts Posted Feb 17, 2017

Over 60 million children are currently on the move, and the many rights violations they are subjected to – from violence and exploitation to being

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Karachi children speak out about hardships of life on streets Posted Feb 16, 2017

Sexual assault, abuse and insults. These are just some of the dangers children living on the streets and roundabouts of Karachi, Pakistan face on a

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Child’s Rights Bridging Papers Second Edition – Final Versions Now Available Posted Feb 07, 2017

Children on the move or affected by migration in other ways deserve to have their rights protected and respected. In order to ensure this, Terre

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