Millions of children around the world are on the move. They lost home. They are escaping poverty, violence or disaster. They may end up exploited or abused. Their destination is unknown. Let’s mobilize to protect their rights.

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New UN joint general comment calls for rights of children affected by migration to be respected Posted Dec 06, 2017

All children in the context of international migration should be treated as children first and foremost, regardless of their nationality or migration status – or that of

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How you can impact the UN Global Compacts on migration and refugees Posted Dec 04, 2017

This is a joint blog by two civil society campaigns advocating for child rights: the Destination Unknown Campaign, and the End Child Immigration Detention Campaign

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Roadmap to Ending Child Immigration Detention Posted Dec 04, 2017

This advocacy tool, elaborated by the International Detention Coalition in the framework of the Initiative for Child Rights in the Global Compacts, outlines the proposed milestones

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