Millions of children around the world are on the move. They lost home. They are escaping poverty, violence or disaster. They may end up exploited or abused. Their destination is unknown. Let’s mobilize to protect their rights.

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Hungary : alarming situation for migrant children Posted Jul 06, 2015

The number of persons seeking refuge, including accompanied or unaccompanied children, skyrocketed since the beginning of the year with more than 60 000 persons entering

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Migrant rights at the heart of business conduct Posted Jun 24, 2015

At Milan Expo Auditorium, Ignacio Packer, Secretary General of Terre des Hommes was invited to debate an “inclusive growth” at the “Last Call to Europe”

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World refugee day : One in two refugees is a child Posted Jun 19, 2015

“What the world often forgets is that refugees are not failed people even after their birth nations are considered to be failed states. We have

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