Organisational membership

Why become a member of Destination Unknown? Find out about the benefits, the criteria and the commitment required

Members can: 

  • develop and participate in joint campaigns at global and regional levels
  • access capacity building tools and programmes
  • learn from other members and experts in the field
  • share your expertise, good practices, lessons learnt
  • receive updates on the latest research about children on the move
  • channel the evidence and learning you have gathered to influence policy makers at regional and global levels
  • get support from a broader coalition for national campaigns
  • network, share and exchange knowledge and experience within the network
  • participate in joint fundraising ventures

Members must:

  • be a legally registered civil society organisation, association, or educational/ research institutes;
  • fully adhere to TDH Child Safeguarding policy;
  • adhere to standards and principles about child participation;
  • commit to the 9 Recommended Principles guiding actions relating to children on the move;
  • endorse our values; and
  • be active in working with or for children on the move.

Members commit to:

  • allocating time and human resources to engage with Destination Unknown;
  • participating in collaborative campaigns; and
  • promoting the principles and values of Destination Unknown.

Members are encouraged to:

  • link to the Destination Unknown website from the organisation’s website;
  • share knowledge and information on lessons learned, evidence, best practice, case studies, programme results and policy approaches;
  • contribute to our members’ bulletin and blog;
  • participate in and contribute to our members’ meetings, consultations and other events;
  • pParticipate in and contribute to thematic working groups; and
  • be an advocate for Destination Unknown.

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