Millions of children around the world are on the move. They lost home. They are escaping poverty, violence or disaster. They may end up exploited or abused. Their destination is unknown. Let’s mobilize to protect their rights.

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Human trafficking among migrants and refugees in Europe: Understanding what puts them at risk Posted Oct 18, 2018

While substantial evidence exists on the trafficking and exploitation of migrants and refugees on the Western Mediterranean migration route in Europe, little is known about

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Learning from children on the move in West Africa Posted Sep 21, 2018

Destination Unknown campaign member Terre des Hommes, Enda and the African Movement of Working Children and Youth are working on a joint child protection programme

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Helping to develop Iraqi children’s life skills to overcome traumatic experiences Posted Sep 06, 2018

Hundreds of thousands of families were forced to flee their homes in Iraq when extremists, the so-called Islamic State (IS), took over a third of

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