Posted Sep 06, 2019

Action for refugee children

More than half of refugees are children. Governments have the chance to pledge to make a real difference to the lives of refugee children. Will they take it?

What is the Global Compact on Refugees?

The Global Compact on Refugees, which was agreed last year by States, provides important guidance on measures to be taken to the benefit of refugees and societies of host and destination countries. It is based on and reflects international law and builds upon the Convention on the Rights of the Child. If properly implemented, it would significantly improve the protection of the rights of children on the move.


What is the Global Refugee Forum?

The Global Refugee Forum is the first global meeting since the compact was affirmed and is a moment when governments and other stakeholders make pledges on what they will do.


What do we want?  

There is much that is good for children in the refugee compact and Destination Unknown calls for it to be swiftly put into action with children at its heart. This is essential to ensure the fulfilment of children’s rights and potential and considering more than half of refugees worldwide are children and they experience displacement differently.


What can you do?

Send a message to your government calling for action for refugee children. 

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