Posted Dec 19, 2019

The Global Compact on Refugees

Destination Unknown pledges to facilitate child and youth participation

Destination Unknown's pledge

We pledge to support child and youth participation in focal countries and facilitate and promote meaningful engagement in spaces for follow-up and review of the Global Compact on Refugees.  

How will we do this?

In focal countries in Southern Africa, West Africa, East Africa, South and South-East Asia, Central America, MENA and Europe:

  • We will facilitate spaces for girls, boys, young women, and young men who are refugees, affected by displacement or from host communities, to raise issues that are important to children and young people in their diversity and bring these to decision-makers in their countries, regions and at global levels.
  • We will empower young people - refugees and in host communities - through capacity building, and leadership skills development and provide technical and financial input to instigate and lead initiatives to campaign for change and promote understanding, equality and integration in their communities.
  • We will provide a platform to share the stories of youth-led initiatives more widely and to mobilise others for greater support.
  • We will ensure refugee children and youth are part of all our regional youth networks and through them represented in our international youth network and governance and part of the decision-making process.

In our communications and engagement with other stakeholders:

  • We will develop and share guidance on the participation of children on the move and share experiences of what refugee children and youth (and other children on the move) say is meaningful participation with States and other actors who are designing and putting into practice programmes in support of refugees – so that more is done together with children and young people and led by them.


What is the Global Compact on Refugees?

The Global Compact on Refugees, which was agreed last year by States, provides important guidance on measures to be taken to the benefit of refugees and societies of host and destination countries. It is based on and reflects international law and builds upon the Convention on the Rights of the Child. If properly implemented, it would significantly improve the protection of the rights of children on the move.


What is the Global Refugee Forum?

The Global Refugee Forum took place in December 2019 and was the first global meeting since the compact was affirmed. Governments and other stakeholders made pledges on what they will do to implement the Global Compact on Refugees.

Will you support and champion the meaningful participation of refugee children and youth in the Global Compact on Refugees?

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