Posted Mar 21, 2022

World Poetry Day

Hear from young refugees in South Africa

This World Poetry Day, we celebrate young poets involved with Three2Six Refugee Children’s Education Project in South Africa, a partner of Destination Unknown.

In a collection of poems, children and young people aged 7 to 22 express what it means to them and their experiences of being a refugee in South Africa.

Through poetry, children and young people describe challenges that they and their parents face, including xenophobia, distrust by the community, fear of the police, and struggles to access basic services.

They express pride in where they come from, a strong self-belief, hope that their new community will welcome them, and a determination to build a life for themselves in South Africa.


Three2six was founded in 2008 to provide safe, quality education to primary school refugee children who cannot access public education in South Africa and to help them transition into mainstream education as soon as possible. Three host school communities provide their school facilities every afternoon after their own students have finished class for the day, from 3pm to 6pm – the source of the project’s name. 

Three2Six helps empower refugee children. Ensuring they can go to school also helps these children to make a life in a new country.

Photos © Three2Six

I am a young African girl, born and bred in the African soil. And so I refuse to be called a 'foreigner' in African land. 'Mimi ni mwafrika na wewe pia' which means 'I am an African and so are you'.

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