Support children and young people to have a say in matters that affect them

As we mark World Children’s Day 2020, 30 to 34 million children around the world have been forced to leave their homes because of persecution, violence, conflict and other reasons.  

Members of Destination Unknown, a campaigning network led by Terre des Hommes International Federation, come together around the same vision of a world where every child on the move is safe and has their rights protected, regardless of their or their parents’ migration status.

One of these rights is the right of all children to be heard and to participate in discussions that affect them. Thirty-one years ago today, by signing the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child, States committed to enabling children to exercise their right to be heard and to participate in processes seeking to hear their views and include them in decision-making and policy-making. Whilst there has been attempts of making this a reality in many countries, too often, children and young people on the move face difficulties in realizing the rights to be heard and to participate.

Destination Unknown’s new campaign aims to help make this happen.

Join us, become an ambassador for Destination Unknown, help demand that governments translate their commitment into action and listen to what children and young people on the move have to say.

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