Posted Mar 30, 2021

'Stories shape societies'

Creating new hope-based narratives about children, young people and migration.

Destination Unknown launches new Communication Guidelines to influence a change in the narrative around children in migration.

Narratives are stories created by the things we do and say all the time. Those stories shape how we think, our choices, and how we treat each other. Those stories shape our society. 

Destination Unknown is promoting more hopeful and positive narratives around children and young people on the move and calling for more space for children and young people to speak in a way that creates understanding and empathy. We are doing this with children and young people from our networks and with other civil society organisations. 

By adopting a hope-based approach to our communication and seeking to create hope and empathy, we want people to visualise the opportunity and the real possibility for positive change in the lives of children and youth on the move. As part of this initiative, Destination Unknown partnered with Bassline Strategy to conduct online opinion research into a selection of narratives, tools and attitudinal profiles, in Malta and South Africa

The Destination Unknown Guidelines on hope-based narratives are the result of months of collaboration with young people and professionals working with and for children and young people on the move. They are intended as information and inspiration for anyone working on and communicating about migration.

With a bigger community of people and organisations communicating with hope, we feel that we can change the narratives around children in migration and build inclusive and sustainable democratic societies for children and young people who are migrating to seek protection, safety and a better future worldwide. 

How do we change the current global story about children and young people on the move and create a better next chapter? For us, the answer lies in something we humans also have an amazing capacity for, along with telling stories: A thing called hope.

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